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Job seek plan

Assisted job search and Interview preparation                       Total Price:RS.2500/- 
                                                                                                                                    PAY NOW

Make sure you are updated on the most relevant job vacancies available on CareerOnWeb and other sources. This ensures that relevant jobs always reach you and get your attention that you otherwise might have escaped your attention.


Key Features

  • Job hunting and sharing
    Stay updated on all current and relevant job openings! Our experienced staff personally updates you on all new jobs out in the market.
  • Personalized and expert assistance
    Detailed telephonic discussion with our job search experts to gather relevant jobs across multiple sources and sharing them with you regularly.
  • We'll do your Interview Homework 
    Once you receive interview calls, we share the information on Interviewer's background and Company from various public sources.

    How is it delivered?

    An experienced professional from recruitment background work as your Relationship Manager to offer following benefits:

    • Searching and sharing relevant job vacancies as per your profile, preferences and availability.
    • Once you receive interview calls, information on Interviewer's background and Company is shared with you (*subject to availability on public domain)
  • FAQs

Job Seek - Frequently Asked Questions

What is JobSeek Service?

JobSeek (Job Search Plan) service works as your Relationship Manager providing tailored value addition at every step of your job seeking - right from Job Search to company research. Job Seek is equipped to efficiently manage your job hunt so that you reach your career goals effortlessly.

Do you also provide Job Seek services for jobs outside India?

No, we do not. Currently, we provide job vacancies for jobs within India only.

Why should I avail this service and what are the benefits?

Our team of experienced professionals who come from HR/ Recruitment background works as your Relationship Manager. The benefits offered are:

  • The Relationship Manager searches for the verified job vacancies relevant to your profile, and shares them with you regularly.
  • They also help you in interview preparation by providing Interviewer's background and Company's details - as available on the public domain.
Can I purchase services for more than 90 days?

Yes, certainly. For a limited period this service is for LIFETIME validity.

How will I receive Job vacancies from the Relationship Manager?

Relationship Manager will send you relevant job openings via email. You need to be active on your emails in order to apply for jobs in time.

How will I apply to the vacancies provided by the Relationship Manager?

You will have to apply to the vacancies on your own by calling the Companies/ Consultants whose contact details are mentioned in the Job Reports by the Relationship Manager.

Will you also prepare or write my resume?

Resume Writing Service is not a part of the Jobseek Service. You would be required to take our Resume Writing Services separately.

How will you offer me Jobseek assistance?

As soon as you get any interview call during the span, you can let us know by informing us on mail to enable us to assist you to prepare for your Interview by providing you 2 Company and Interviewer Profile on the basis of availability. To get Interviewer profile, you will have to tell us the name of the company as well as the contact person so that we can share his/ her details with you on the basis of availability.

How soon would the Relationship Manager call me to initiate the Jobseek Services?

Relationship Manager will get in touch with you within 48 to 72 working hours of Order Activation. Relationship Manager will take your profile information and job preferences details in order to initiate your Jobseek Services.

How can I get in touch with the Relationship Manager?

You can write your concerns or issues to your Relationship Manager or on jobseekplan@careeronweb.com. Your relationship Manager will get in touch with you through mail or call, as per the requirement.


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Careers On Web does not guarantee job or interview calls with the purchase of any of our products & Services. Careers On Web does not conduct interviews for any company.

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